As a result of a revision of the Data Protection Act 1988, the new General Data Protection Regulation (effective from 25th May 2018) requires that The Furry Dogmother Pet Care ensures that clients are aware of what personal data is held, how we collect that data and with whom it is shared with and clients’ rights concerning their personal data.

Personal information held for each client consists of your name, address, contact telephone numbers, an email address, insurance, medical and microchip details for your pet(s) and finally information on any medical conditions or medications that may relate to your pet(s).

This information is collected via the registration form that is required before any service is carried out and is kept securely on a computer.

Your personal information is used for the following purposes which form the legitimate legal basis for processing your data:- 

• The legitimate interests of the business – i.e. your personal details are required in order to keep in contact with you during your use of our services; without retaining your contact details we would not be able to contact you.

• Where you have chosen to consent to The Furry Dogmother contacting you regarding your use of our services, you are consenting to your information being retained for the purposes of contacting you. However where consent has been supplied you understand that you can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing

We do not share your data with any third parties. We do not use any electronic booking software that would require your data, we are completely autonomous.

Personal data is held and kept for two years after you cease using our services for accounting purposes only.  Any hard copies are securely disposed of after this time if we have not heard from you.

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